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Corehammer (xmas w00t)

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Gabberhammer is a demo I programmed for tUM 2005 (a demo is some kind of video, but all animation is being calculated by a computer program at the time of execution).


The demo actually won the 3rd place in the democompo at tUM 2005. And there is a great unauthorized remix by the demogroup never (link plz ;).


It's a christmas-demo, telling the plot from the famous christmas song "little drummer boy" according to the happy hardcore remix I made for this demo. The demo is made using a special tool for creating demos I wrote in managed C++ (the demo itself is ordinary C++ and doesn't require .NET). I called this tool "syncmania", because it allows "easy" and precise synchronisation of visual effects and audio. If you are a coder and used to complicated coder-tools, that is. ;)


Download the demo

Download Syncmania (requires .NET 2.0)  


corehammer screenshot 1
corehammer screenshot 2


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