AboutThe history of jco-music.de

The history of jco-music.de


 1999 - The initial release of jco-music.de

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The first version of jco-music.de, all static html.



2001 - Minimalistic blue

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The second version of jco-music.de. All in blue, English, and following a minimalistic approach.



2002 - neuro.concept

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An additional website for my video projects; specifically, the video-label "neuro.concept".




2004 - all in black

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The first version of jco-music.de running on php, featuring an administration-interface for easy upload of songs. Now includes a video-section (the old neuro.concept-page goes offline), and a "black" design.


 2006 - This page
What you see in front of you :) - The website is all static html, but is being modified and maintained by a mighty CMS which took me almost a year of work.


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