MusicMusic by jco 1999

Music by jco - 1999


A selection of music that I created during 1999. These are somewhat my "early days", so don't expect top notch quality.


Before I had any hardware synthesizers

These tracks are made entirely with a Soundblaster AWE32 (8mb) and a Yamaha DB50XG.  


Temple of doom [mp3]


Synthesizer [mp3]
Electro - done after a few hours watching "spacenight" on TV.



Introducing Hardware

The following tracks are made with my Roland XP30.


Nah und Fern [mp3]


Burn the tree [mp3]
Trance. Guess what: It's Christmas-Time!


Millennium Mix [mp3] (~46MB)
A fake-DJ-Set I made from a few of my trance-tracks.





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