MusicMusic by jco 2000

Music by jco - 2000


A selection of music that I created during 2000. These are somewhat my "early days", so don't expect top notch quality. All tracks from 2000 are either tracked or produced entirely with my hardware-synthesizers.


Fernweh [mp3]
Trance. Got placed 3rd in the mp3 competition at Dialogos 2000.


Shock Hazard [mp3] [it]
Techno. Released in the tracked music competition at Dialogos 2000.


Klangkollektiv [mp3]
An experimental sound collage.


Robospack [mp3]
A sick electro track with weirdo-vocals. It's about the funny little robot I of whom I used to draw comics at school.

Previously unreleased tracks

These tracks I dug out while assembling the content for this new website.


Final Step [mp3] [more info]
One of my first pop-tracks. Performed live several times.


Shadows [mp3]
Trance. Created with modplug tracker.


Avantronic [mp3]
Chillout/Ambient, but with a driving 7/8 rhythm.


Circle [mp3]
Trance. Utilizing my AWE32 for drum-samples.


Mental Tension [mp3]


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