MusicMusic by jco 2002

Music by jco - 2002


A selection of music that I created during 2002.


For Mindwave [mp3]
Deep house / trance. Released at tUM 2002. Created with renoise.


Oh du Fröhliche (Frohlocket Mix) [mp3]
Happy Hardcore remix of the well known christmas song "Oh du Fröhliche", created for the basshut xmas ep. Vocals by shorty, created with renoise.


Excite [mp3]
Experimental techno. Won the tracked music competition at Geekcamp 2002. Created with modplug tracker.


Enforcement [mp3 (short version)] [mp3 (long version)]
Trance. Placed 2nd at Evoke 2002. Won me a renoise license :D


Kratzbecher 23 [mp3]
Shitmusic - that means: This is intended to sound very bad. Placed 2nd in the shitmusic competition at underground conference 6.22.


Dry water [mp3] [xm]
Psytrance, released at underground conference 6.22 in the multichannel competition. One of my most advanced xms. Created with modplug tracker.


We decided to go on [mp3]


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