MusicMusic by jco 2005

Music by jco - 2005


A selection of music that I created during 2005.


Little Drummer Boy (Hardcore Mix) [mp3]
Hardcore version of the well known Christmas song. Soundtrack of my demo "Corehammer (xmas w00t)" which got placed 3rd at tUM 2005.

Ich selbst bin tot (short cut) [mp3]
Trance. Won the mp3 competition at tUM 2005. Created with renoise, vocal by faith.

Yoga [mp3]
Techno. Won the multichannel competition at Evoke 05. Created with modplug tracker, most samples taken from my Quasimidi Sirius. Vocals from unknown source.

Memorize your Future [mp3] [more info]
Soundtrack of my video "Memorize your Future" which won the wild competition at Breakpoint 05. Vocals and lyrics by faith.

Surgically Sad [ogg]
Trance. Created with Renoise on a Notebook.

Southern Winds [ogg]
Psytrance. Features an exotic flute with mystic sound, which I played myself for this track.

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