MusicMusic by jco 2006

Music by jco - 2006


A selection of music that I created during 2006.

Angst [mp3] [more info]
Industrial, German lyrics. Soundtrack of my video "Angst" which won the wild-competition at tUM 2006.

Out for Competition (tUM 2006 themesong) [mp3] [more info]
Disco-House. The official theme-song for tUM 2006, and several jingle-edits.

False Message [mp3]
Trancy Drum&Bass, "no loops". Was originally meant for vocals and a video, but never finished. Released at tUM 2006.

Zerfall [mp3] [more info]
Dark Trip Hop, German lyrics. Soundtrack of my video "Zerfall" which was placed 2nd in the wild competition at Evoke 2006.

Nutcracker (crack addict rmx) feat. Tschaikowski [mp3] [xm]
Guess what: it's shitmusic again! I took Tschaikowski's nutcracker and made it sound as horrible and detuned as possible. Won the shitmusic competition at underground conference 7.

When We Rise (Happy Hardcore Remix) [mp3]
Happy hardcore remix of my trance-track "When We Rise" from 2001. Released at underground conference 7.

Imperial Code [mp3]
Aggressive, German techno (Schranz). Won the 2nd place in the tracked music competition at breakpoint 2006.

Dreamchaser (Soundtrack) [mp3]
Orchestral film-score with a trance part in between. Soundtrack of my video "Dreamchaser".

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