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neuro.concept is actually a one-man-project, namely myself, jco. However, as the case with Fear of Redemption, others may partipicate in projects, too, but there is no "core-team" beside myself.

My tasks cover writing and developing scripts, taking video footage and handling the camera, cutting, editing and post-production, creating visual effects as well as composing music and sound engineering.


The advantage of "doing everything myself" lies close at hand: First, there's not much project coordination needed (less time required), second, I am able to realize my ideas exactly the way I want them to be.

Of course, you will find detailed credits at each project-subsite. 


People who participated in projects


Faith participated in Out Back Into, Memorize your Future and Dreamchaser.


anx played the "zombie" in Fear of Redemption.

Shorty played the "innocent girl" in Fear of Redemption.


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