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Final Step


One of my first pop-tracks. Performed live several times. 

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Strophe 1

is all around me
when i first try
to open my eyes

Years before
so i think
i fell asleep
trying to die

Standing up
and takin just a look around me
i can see
only dark reality

what has happened
i feel despair
and incredible fear

Refrain 1

what is it like?
to see behind the door
we try to close
in front of ourselves

we're not too far
from a second way of living
call it a dream
i know it's true

and if you ask
"how can i get there?"
i must tell you what
you don't want to hear

that the step
you have to go to reach this world
means to end
your existence

Strophe 2

was my goal
Escape to a place
far away from here

I failed
I woke up
in the old, scary

Is there no way?
To get out
of this world...

freedom carefully kept
far away from me




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