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Memorize your Future


Soundtrack of my video "Memorize your Future " which won the video competition at Breakpoint 05. Vocals and lyrics by faith.


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(written by faith)


Sometimes I just want to be in silence;
A deep sleep, where there is nobody and nothing;
Time, and a chance to think about every detail of my life.

And then, there is a strong will inside of me,
which fights and cannot win;
because everything will go it's way.
If I want it or not.

But I can lead my way in the right direction,
when I make use of this fighting-will,
and just go...

There is more power in every person, in everthing, everywhere.
We just need to recognize it to find our way,
which leads to satisfaction.

How could we easily find back to our way?
With all this bullshit-television and radiocasts.
They are poison!
They want to tell us how we should live our lives,
and how everything else should be.

Keep away this bullshit and go your way,
even when you don't know which direction you should choose,
just go...
And you will find, what you were searching for.
It's perhaps not exactly what you wanted, but
it will lead you on to the right way.

Life -

go, just go

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