"Dreamchaser" has been released at Breakpoint 2006.

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About Dreamchaser


A young woman („Faith“) is being confronted by the fragility of her very own dreams. Sometimes a dream has to die, in order to become reality. Accompanied by a symbiosis of classical and electronical music, faith challenges her dream in the surreal scenery of the North Sea beach, and is being threatened by the confrontation with it.


I think the "plot" is actually a little more subtle and difficult, and that there are heavy ambiguities in it which are open to interpretation - but the above is what I wrote into the entry form for the international short film festival 2006 in Detmold, were it was played too.


Faith did a great job acting in Dreamchaser, which was shot within two weeks in Denmark. The whole project took about 6 weeks of intensive work from the first storyboard until completion.


Dreamchaser might be the most project with the most professional "look and feel" I created so far. I put a lot of work into color correction and other subtle postprocessing, for example.


Dreamchaser also features a classical holywood-style filmscore.



Dreamchaser Screenshot 4



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