VideosI am stupid because I suck

I am stupid because I suck


Released at Evoke 2005, placed 2nd in the Animation/Video competition.


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About I am stupid because I suck 


This is the story of a depressive, sucidal Gingerbread Man who does not think much of himself. After life plays another trick on him, he decides to make an end to his unlucky existence, wondering why he is so stupid...

Okay, I did plan a serious release for Evoke 2005 - but then I created this video instead, due to a lack of time. It took me 3 or 4 days, but then I thought it being still good enough for a neuro.concept release. There you go.

Big thanks to the guy who wrote the Gingerbread Man tutorial in the Blender 3D documentation.



I am stupid Screenshot



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