"Zerfall" has been released at Evoke 2006 and got placed 2nd in the Wild (Animation) competition. 


Download "Zerfall" (xvid, 87.4MB)

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About Zerfall 


A musical shortfilm of 3 minutes, created within 3 days, in memory of 3 years.

First, there was the soundtrack. I loaded it onto my pda and started traveling around between Bonn and Cologne by train, hands always on the trigger of my camera, looping the track at high volume the whole time.


The only technical core idea I had in advance was the "synced camera-movement"-part. And this is how it works: I played the music back at 25% speed, thus having enough time to realign the camera for each rythmical detail. afterwards, i accellerated the video by factor 4, compensating for the timestretching, and stabilized the result using a virtualdub-plugin to make the result look "less shaky".


The computer animations were made with blender 3d (v2.42 iirc), an open source modeling and rendering software which I also used in "Dreamchaser" and "I am stupid because I suck". This required basic reconstruction of the photographed geometry, the rest was done using the new physics engine in blender, which turned out to be a lot more stable than the old one.



Zerfall Screenshot


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